Amelie Poll Dorsets

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Stud Sires

Our ideal stud sire is structurally correct, adequately muscled, true-to-type and well balanced. We use Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) as a guide in our breeding program; however, phenotypic traits demand our greatest attention. Structurally correct and true-to-type Poll Dorset sires will continue to be the back-bone of the Australian prime lamb industry, as has been proven year after year. We recognise that not every one of our sires is the same and each has particular traits which are of advantage to the industry. For this reason ewes are carefully matched with rams in targeted joins.

We employ a range of breeding techniques including laparascopic artificial insemination, synchronised pen matings and extensive paddock joins. Any semen purchased is carefully selected based on our breeding objectives. Recently used semen from leading Australian sires include Springwaters 16-0066 (Supreme Exhibit, Sydney Royal 2017), Shellal 13-0003 and Kurallea 09-0527

Gooramma 19-0041. Purchased by Amelie Poll Dorsets for $13,000 at the Gooramma Poll Dorset Stud 2020 Ram Sale. An outstanding type Poll Dorset with structural integrity, exceptional muscling and skin type and Lambplan EBVs to match. Sired by Tattykeel 'Meat Machine'. Semen share sold to Rangeview Poll Dorset Stud, Tasmania. 

Amelie 18-0050. Our keeper ram from the 2018 drop. A sheep genetics trait leader for weaning weight, post-weaning weight, dressing % and carcass plus. Structurally sound with tremendous Dorset features. Sired by Abelene Park 13-232 out of a dam by Amelie 14-0040. 

Recent addition, Tattykeel 18-0809, purchased by Amelie Poll Dorsets at the 2019 Tattykeel ram sale. Sired by "Masterstroke", Supreme Exhibit Sydney Royal 2018. This ram brings a number of key traits to our breeding program including tremendous Dorset type (head, moderate conformation, structural correctness, tightness of skin and fleece quality) and lacks plainness in every respect - which links to growth-for-age, finishing ability and carcass yield. 

Abelene Park 13-0232. Purchased by Amelie at the 2015 Abelene Park Ram Sale. Still standing at stud and has had a significant influence on our line of breeding ewes.
Amelie 16-0031. Multiple Supreme Exhibit winner under leading Australian Poll Dorset judges. His lambs have great growth for age.